Maximizing Battery Life for Cordless Power Tools

Cordless battery power tools can be a beneficial investment for contractors in a variety of industries. However, these tools only work as well as we care for them. Working professionals must understand how to care for these battery power tools to extend their life and ensure they hold up for long-lasting use. 

America Tools provides outstanding tools from major manufacturers throughout the U.S. and Puerto Rico. Here, we offer tips for maximizing the battery life of cordless power tools. 

Advantages of Cordless Battery Power Tools

Technological advancements have made it possible to ditch the cord and give working professionals easier ways to work. Cord-free versions of certain battery power tools provide easy maneuverability in tight spaces. Going cordless also allows tools to be portable, making them great for taking from job to job. 

Cordless battery power tools can run for longer due to advanced battery technologies. In addition, social media and the internet have made tool education more accessible, meaning more people are aware of how these tools and batteries work. They can also find information about proper care for these batteries, meaning cordless battery power tools are becoming more efficient. 

Ways to Enhance Battery Life for Cordless Power Tools

Battery power tools are a large investment to make for working professionals. However, investing in the right battery power tools can make a difference in your work. Long-lasting, performance-driven battery power tools can offer enhanced efficiency and durability. In addition, understanding how to care for these battery power tools can help maximize your investment. 

Professional contractors can extend the battery life of their cordless power tools using the following tips:

Purchase the Correct Battery

The most important aspect of maintaining ample battery life is to purchase the correct battery for your power tool make and model. Lower-capacity batteries with high-capability power tools can cause tools to run slowly or require frequent charges. High-capacity batteries with lower-capability power tools can lead to malfunctions and tool failures. Contractors should have the right type of battery for their power tool to ensure it runs smoothly and as expected. 

Prevent Tools From Sitting in Hot Temperatures

High heat can wreak havoc on power tool batteries and chargers. Batteries can only operate within certain minimum and maximum temperatures. Extreme heat or cold can decrease your battery’s life, meaning you must store tools in cool, dry spaces. 

In addition, some batteries may not charge until their internal temperature reaches a comfortable point. In this case, workers must remove batteries and wait for them to cool down before charging them. Contractors should also avoid leaving tools in direct sunlight when working outside and avoid storing tools in hot cars between jobs. 

Understand Storage Mode

Some advanced tools have a storage mode, where tools retain and store a certain amount of power for long periods. This ensures tools have some battery life when taking them out for use. Users should keep their batteries at a 40% to 50% charge before storing their power tools. 

Implement a Consistent Charging Routine

Ensuring your tools have enough battery life for the day can be challenging. Day-to-day job demands can change, and some workers may use their drills more frequently for some jobs than others. A consistent charging routine allows working professionals to keep their tools in optimal condition. 

During jobs, contractors should consider purchasing chargers with a “quick charge” mode. This allows battery power tools to charge quickly on the job. However, professionals should avoid using quick chargers for every charge. The strength of the charger can put a lot of strain on the battery, decreasing its life. 

Our Cordless Battery Power Tools and Services

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