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  • Pipe Capacity : 2”-6”
  • Packer Lengths Available : 43” & 4’
  • Maximum Patch Lengths : 32” & 3’
  • Air Push Rod Maximum Pressure : 217 psi
  • Min Operating Temperature: 41 F / 5 C
  • Max Operating Temperature: 68 F / 20 C
  • Capacity Min: 3 IN / 76.2 MM
  • Capacity Max: 4 IN / 101.6 MM

The RIDGID Pipe Patch Starter System includes the basic equipment needed to start trenchless point repairs.  Pipe patching is a new, incremental revenue stream for those already participating in drain cleaning and sewer inspections.  Pipe patching surpasses ASTM F1216 requirements for structural integrity while also providing a fast ROI, short learning curve, and a less invasive process when compared to other pipe repair methods such as digging.  Patching, while a great stand-alone business, is a great way to begin learning how to enter the CIPP or trenchless market. Simply Clean, Inspect, and Patch!

  • Pipe Patching is a 2" to 6" pipe repair process with low cost of entry and high return on investment combined with an easy to learn process.
  • Includes Packer, Air Push Rods & necessary components that accommodate bends, transitions & straight sections of damaged pipe.
  • Thoughtfully designed Patch Kits enable quick and efficient repairs with all required consumables and components packaged together for one-time use.  Patch Kits are sold separately from Starter Systems.
  • Comprehensive system includes the equipment necessary to begin a Pipe Patching business.  Perfectly compliments businesses already participating in drain cleaning and sewer inspections.
  • Durable, fiberglass patch is rated for small sections of damaged pipe and meets ASTM F1216 requirements; cured patches are rated up to 50 year life expectancy under normal conditions.
  • Less Invasive & Disruptive - Minimal customer impact to landscaping, fauna & business productivity when compared to digging and full relining.
  • Professional Service & Support - Knowledgeable industry experts and world class service to assist entry into new market with incremental revenue.
  • 74753: Pipe Patch Packer - 3-4" Pipe x 4' Length
  • 74783: Pipe Patch Air Regulator
  • 74823: Pipe Patch Pull Rope - 250' Length
  • 74733: Pipe Patch Containment Kit for 3-4" Packer
  • 74773: Pipe Patch Air Push Rod - 5' Length
  • 74853: Pipe Patch Carry Bag
  • 74818: Pipe Patch Standard to Lockable Air Adapter
  • 74828: Pipe Patch 100' Air Hose - Fittings Included
  • 74873: Pipe Patch Quick Links (Qty-2)

  • Application: Pipe Rehabilitation, Sewer Repair, Service Plumbing
  • Full Lifetime Warranty
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