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Ridgid 64298

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Ridgid 64298 Flexshaft Knocker K9-102, 1/4" Cable, 2" Pipe, 2 Chain

RIDGID offers a wide variety of FlexShaft® accessories in different sizes for the most cleaning efficiency on the jobsite. Depending on pipe size, pipe material and blockage, there are different chain Knockers and Brushes for every job. Knowing when to choose Brushes or standard, carbide tipped or penetrating head chain Knockers can help you get the best performance out of your machine.

Smooth Chain Knockers - Smooth chain knockers clean drains wall to wall in all soft walled pipes. They are efficient in removing grease, hair and other soft blockages

Chain Knockers With Carbide Tip - Chain Knockers with carbide tips clean wall to wall and are ideal for removing scale and light roots as well other grease and soft blockages in hard walled pipe types.

Penetrating Chain Knockers With Carbide Tip - Penetrating head chain knockers with carbide tips can be used to open full blockages such as grease, hair, and other soft blockages.

Nylon Cleaning Brushes - Nylon Cleaning Brushes can be used for lightly cleaning pipe walls. Brushes can also be used for relining applications such as spray coating.

Nylon/Steel Brushes - 50% Nylon and 50% Steel Brushes can be used for light grinding of pipe walls and to help clear debris sitting at the bottom of a pipe. These brushes can also be used for relining applications such as preparing PVC walls for a liner.

Ball and Drop Heads - Penetrating heads only that can be attached with standard chain knockers or brushes when carbide tipped chains are too aggressive. Ball heads designed for optimal in pipe negotation in smaller lines and drop heads designed to navigate down stacks in back to back applications.

Flexshaft® Lubricant - Flexshaft Lubricant with PTFE (teflon) reduces FlexShaft cable friction and wear during insertion into the drain. Lubricant should be applied to any exposed cable on a monthly basis. Lubricant applied on the outer sheath also improves push ability around 90 degree cast iron bends to help push farther in drains. The lubricant is waterproof, long lasting and viscosity stable.

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