Bauer power tools are very famous in the power tools industry and considered pretty much affordable too. People like these power tools exactly how they are like any other power tools. That's for reasons because hand tools are not that efficient nor do they work faster. But power tools make anything easier just because of the automation they have been integrated with.

Since Bauer tools are so famous in the power tools industry; people always wonder who owns Bauer power tools. So, please read this complete article to get your answer with all the other important details.

Who owns Bauer power tools?

Simply put the parent company of the Bauer power tools, is Harbor Freight which produces their tools under their name. Although the brand has a separate identity it sells under the name of Harbor Freight.

Harbor Freight is a manufacturing company established back in 1977. They are the only company responsible for Bauer’s effective marketing and strong branding over other brands. The company has become very big over the years and now their head office is in California Calabasas.

About Bauer Tools

Bauer tools overall are very sturdy and robust and they are made with great quality material. Their construction has gone through a well-thought procedure with a lot of possibilities taken into consideration. Also, many of the impossibilities have been considered very well during the designing of these tools.

Ridgid power tools brand is a worldwide famous brand that is being used by construction companies in several countries. This brand originally belongs to Emerson which owns it but there is a big technology giant known as TTI (Techtronic Industries Company Limited). They have the manufacturing rights of the Ridgid and they produce these power tools in the same vicinity where they manufacture several other brands like AEG, Hart, Ridgid, Ryobi, and many others. Their license is for the orange power tools but TTI is not the owner of this brand. So, now you know who owns Ridgid tools?

Now again if we talk about the Bauer brand, they have their official Bauer power tools websitewhere you can look at their aim, mission, and everything you want to know. There have been multiple arguments in favor of and against the Bauer brand, you should do your proper research before getting a toolkit from them.

For research purposes, we have also done thorough research about it, and below we'll tell you about the honest Bauer power tools review.

Easy to use

From what we have inspected their tools in general, we can say that yes Bauer power tools are very easy to use. Even not just the experts but also beginners can use them easily. These tools have great features like the lighting in the working area of the tools and then another great feature on top of that. The major feature that is used to put off the workers is the vibration of the tools while being used. So, the Bauer tools company has well thought about their design and they have installed great adaptive handles with a special feature of anti-vibration in them.

Workers used to get disturbed a lot because of the plugs coming out of the sockets. To counter or at least minimize that problem to the most, their products now come with heavy-duty hot rings that do not let it happen.

Long Lasting

Bauer power tools are very affordable for what they come with. That's why we first thought that they were not going to last more than a few months. It's because we have had some problems in the past with some other brands and they didn’t last with that quality. But by using Bauer cordless tools we know that these tools are going to last a long time with you. That's because of its very sturdy aluminum material as well as its gear housing in overall builds.

It’s never an easy job to keep using such tools on a daily basis but with this brand, you can do what you want without getting stressed or having to face fatigue.


The Bauer tools overall perform really well if you considering their prices. Let's take some examples to understand their performance. For example, take the pro rotary power tool from Bauer which is a beast in its position with up to 3900 BPM of impact in hard conditions.

Similarly, the Bauer saws were great with their performance as they delivered notably high performance overall. Some of the Bauer’s saws were like 3700 RPM which is a huge number at that price.

There are not only just these tools in their product line as it is a huge brand with almost every kind of unique power tool. Also, they are adding more useful power tools in their production each year and you can see them in their Bauer tools coming soon list.


In terms of portability, Bauer power tools are very comfortable and their design is very compact. That makes them very easily portable because they become very lightweight considering their weight. Similarly, their grip is the advanced level that doesn't let it slip from your hands no matter how tired you get. Also, that makes them a good choice for easy handling and to not make you tired anytime soon. Considering so many benefits, everyone starts comparing the Bauer tools vs Milwaukee but they also have other offerings from their side.


After reading this complete article, we’re pretty sure that you know the answer to this question who owns Bauer power tools? But still, if you have any questions or any suggestions for us, please write to us in the comment section below. We'll be very happy to cater to all your needs.

Who is the manufacturer of Bauer tools?

As we have mentioned above in the article that Bauer is a separate brand of power tools originally belongs to Harbor Freight. But Harbor Freight has licensed TTI Company to manufacture their products in their vicinity as this is the biggest manufacturer that manufactures most of the power tools in the market now.

Is Bauer a good power tool brand?

Bauer has many positive and negative reviews about it as the users feel while using their power tools. But if you read our review above in the article, you will clearly understand that Bauer is a great power tool brand that excels in every manner.

Is Bauer a Harbor Freight brand?

Yes, Bauer is a brand product of the Harbor Freight Company that owns Bauer. But they only design and produce them as they have a large-scale manufacturer on board.Although they produce their products in multiple facilities of the manufacturers TTI is one of the companies that have the manufacturing rights for Bauer products.

What tool brands does Harbor Freight own?

Harbor Freight is a logistics company that entered into the power tools industry and started its separate brand named Bauer. So in short, Bauer is the tools brand that Harbor Freight owns.